Realated Products

The RIC hearing aids support multi module and wireless control.It use a replaceable battery for each side of hearing aids,and it small weared comfortable.

This type of Spieth CIC hearging aids with its small and light weight design can be use in people who hearing loss and need sound amplifiers.

The ITE001 Hearing Aids small and easily operation,use high tech sound porcess chip and support noise reduction,use rechargeable battery for long lasting time.

This headset type hearing aids support recharging,so people who wear it can save a lot of money escape of purchase battery replaceable in few days or weeks.

The best way to prevent Coronavirus from spreading


Nowadays the world is at the nightmare of Coronavirus spreading. Many people’s lives died due to first stage of unknown,and don’t know how to prevent and control it. With the constantly reseach and test, then the vaccine in the market, so are you vaccinated? thankfully I'm double jabbed.

With Omicron cases on the rise, are you worried about more lockdowns?

mask vs covid19.jpg

To prevent Coronavirus from spreading,the best way is to get vaccinated, and to wear your masks, wash your hands with soap and warm water,or using alcohol-based hand rub,and maintain a safe distance from anyone who looks unhealthy. Avoid the crowds and unnessary contact with others.When greeting,aviod any forms of physical contact.Don't spread rumors,follow recommendations from local health authorities. 

There are three things that should give us confidence in the coming weeks or months as we battle Omicron/ this pandemic.
1- Vaccination rate is now more than 50% and vaccination efforts will continue as we have sufficient supply. We are better positioned now to withstand Omicron than we did with Delta.
2- OCTA is saying Omicron might be the beginning of the end of this Covid pandemic— the one that will provide us the natural herd immunity that will allow us to finally treat COVID as an endemic disease.
3- Looking at the experiences of South Africa and Europe, this Omicron wildfire might just take us a month or two— hence, the need to be very cautious still during that period but we should also proceed with our plans for the year already.
Stay safe, get vaccinated/boosted and,indeed,no need to panic! Back to work,we should move ahead as planned.look after yourself and most importantly protect those most vulnerable of your family and friends.

The Spieth Team wish you the very best for the new year.