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We manufacture One step HP Test Kits Test Card,diagnostic test for infectious mononucleosis,pcr test detect past infection,pcr test for bacterial infection etc.

This rapid test cassette is used for in vitro qualitative determination of SARS-CoV-2 antigens,rapid investigation of suspected COVID-19 cases.

This Spieth ITE010 Hearing Aids has a superior small design, the max length less than 1 inch,and the weight about 2.5g,weared comfortable and invisible.

The BTE hearing aids comfortable to wear,fashion design,use a powerful rechargeable battery and support noise reduction,people can easily hear clear sound.

advantages and disadvantages of behind the ear(bte) hearing aids


    You will have likely seen these types of hearing aids worn by others. They are located behind the ear and are usually quite visible. However, they come in different sizes with varying capabilities. The part you have seen is a durable shell that contains the electrical components and it sits behind the ear. The shell is attached to a customised earmold via a transparent tube. The earmold sits comfortably inside the ear canal.

Behind the Ear Hearing Aids.jpg

    The distinct advantages of a BTE type hearing aid are: 

    1.Superior capabilities. They are designed for people with severe hearing loss.

    2.There are fewer design restrictions which makes them more reliable than other products.

    3.The controls are typically larger, which makes them easier to use.

    4.They come in various colors.

    5.Usually, they have longer battery life.

    6.Due to their placement on the exterior of the ear, they are less susceptible to water ingress and damage from sweat.

    The advantages are clear, and many of them are due to how they are worn, but your lifestyle can have a significant impact on how you use the device and how long it will last. You need to be made aware of some of the disadvantages.

The disadvantages of a BTE type hearing aid are: 

    1.They are more visible, especially when worn by a person with less hair. You will have likely seen these types of products worn on the high street.

    2.For people who lead active lifestyles, they can feel cumbersome. They are simply much larger and heavier than other designs. 

    3.To some, the earmold can feel uncomfortable and sometimes gives the user a clogged-up feeling.

bte hearing aid.jpg

    The device you choose will depend on the severity of hearing loss, your lifestyle choices, and quite simply your personal preference of style and colors.