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The CIC021 hearing aids use a replaceable battery for each side of ear,and it is invisible when our custom wearing it,it is easily to operate to hear better.

This ITE003 Hearing Aids use silicone earmuffs so it's weared comfortable,use smart digital chip make sure user get the clear sound,also enviorment friendly.

Flex Programming Cable For Hearing Aids supply by Spieth Technology which is a chinese manufacturer and exporter of hearing aids,hospital devices,glad to receive you quote.

what could you do when non-waterproof hearing aids falling into water



1.Don’t panic! If your device is submerged in water, act quickly. You must retrieve your device as soon as possible to increase the odds of it surviving.

2.Switch it off immediately and take out the battery.

3.Remove the tube (if you have one) and dry it with a paper towel. You need to dry it as thoroughly as possible, and a hairdryer can be used to speed up this process. However, do not use hot air. Do not heat the device, just dry it gently and be patient.

4.At this stage, it’s important to leave it to dry out completely. Do not attempt to turn it on until you are confident it is completely dry.

5.Once you are happy, then insert a new battery and turn on your device.

6.It is advisable to have your device checked by a professional to ensure it is still operating correctly.

7.Of course, getting a waterproof type can help you avoid trouble from hearing aids falling into the water.